Frequently Asked Questions


How do I download ThinkSmart for Salesforce®?

Download the app directly in the AppExchange. The link is:

How I know if there is a new version available?

In our listing in the AppExchange the latest version is listed in the Details section.

If a critical update is released which must be downloaded to continue you will be clearly notified when you click on the ThinkSmartOne tab.

How can I update ThinkSmart to the latest version?

In our listing in the AppExchange the latest version is listed in the Details section.

If a critical update is released which must be downloaded to continue you will be clearly notified when you click on the ThinkSmart tab.

What type of Salesforce edition do I need to install ThinkSmart?

If your organization uses the Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited or Developer Editions of Salesforce® you can download ThinkSmart for Salesforce®.

Wondering what edition of Salesforce you’re using? Go to Setup. Then click on Administer or Administration Setup in the left hand navigation bar. At the top of the page you’ll see your edition. In the image below you can see this user has the Professional Edition.



Do you need to have a Salesforce License to access ThinkSmart?
Can I reassign a ThinkSmart User license to another user?

If you wish to remove someone from ThinkSmart for Salesforce you simply inactivate their license. You can then assign that license to another Salesforce User.

Note: When you remove the ThinkSmartlicense from a User all unredeemed points are returned to your Unallocated funds. These funds can then be used for your other Participants

How do I change my trial to a paid account?

When you download ThinkSmart for

Salesforce® it is a trial account with 10 license seats. The trial account expires after 30 days. In order for your app to continue working, and for Participants to be able to redeem points, you must sign up for a full account.

Please use our Contact Us form and let us know how many license seats you’ll need. A sales consultant will reach out to you right away.

How can I assign my Salesforce Users with the ThinkSmart Licenses
  1. Go to Setup > App Setup > Installed Packages.
  2. Click on Manage License, to the left of the app ThinkSmart.
  3. Click the Add Users button.
  4. Check next to the name for all Users you wish to assign License Seats.
  5. Click the Add button.

Users and Profiles

What are Roles in Salesforce?
Salesforce makes it easy to manage groups of people using Roles, a set of hierarchies based on your company organization. You can imagine it would be difficult to launch incentive programs if you had to search through your list of Salesforce Users every time you create a new Incentive Rule. We made this much easier by letting you select Users by Role instead of their actual name.
What are Profiles in ThinkSmart?
Profiles control what you can do and see in ThinkSmart. There are three profiles; Super Administrator, Administrator and Participant.
What Happen if my users don’t have roles?
A User without a Role can be added to ThinkSmart but they will not be able to use the App.
Can I delete a ThinkSmart user?
Once a user is added to ThinkSmart they can not be deleted. You can however remove their license and assign it to another user. This is to ensure no data is lost.
What happen when a User is deactivated?
The user will still see the tab for ThinkSmart but the page will be blank.
Could the Administrator and the Super Administrator be the same person?
Could the Administrator and the Super Administrator be Participant at the same time?
Yes. When this happens a toggle switch appears which allows you to see information on the home page as either an Administrator or a Participant.


Can I Remove Points from a Participant?

Once you have given a Participant points you can not remove those points from that User.

To prevent awarding duplicate points a Participant can not receive points twice for the same opportunity. Otherwise people could simply change the status of their Opportunity to get more points. For this reason it is also impossible to remove awarded points from a Participant (It’s also not nice to take points away from people).

If you want to approve points before they are awarded simply check the Manually approve points checkbox when creating a new Incentive Rule.


What if my Budget is larger than the funds I have available?

Every Incentive Rule is linked to a Budget Unit but you do not need to fund your Budget Unit when launching a program.

In fact, you technically don’t need to fund your Budget Unit until a Participant has received points. Points can be awarded but they can’t be redeemed if there are no funds available.

If points are awarded and there are not enough funds in your Budget Unit then you will see the amount needed in your Home page in the box Unfunded Points. Go to Setup > General > Funds and click on Load Funds.

Note that only the Super Administrator can load funds.

Incentive Rules

Can Incentive Rules Start Before Today?

An incentive rule can not start before today’s date. The Start Date can be today’s date or any date after today’s date..

The reason for this is that points are awarded instantly based on triggers in Salesforce. A trigger is an activity, such as changing an Opportunity’s status to “Closed Won”.