The Automated Incentive Platform

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One Motivation Platform

One Motivation Platform


No more spreadsheets

Reduce manual work

Automated point calculation

Automated reporting

Real-time feedback


From Catalog to Delivery

Access our full
reward catalog

We manage delivery
to participant’s doorstep


Communicate globally

Communicate real-time
through the Social Wall

Send push notifications
to the participants

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Modernize your Incentive Program

Save administrative time

Get real-time data and feedback


Change behavior more effectively

Participants choose their rewards

Full Reward Management

More than


More than


Delivery in more than


Achieve goals, earn points, choose a reward and redeem!

Reward your employees with top tier brands: Apple, Bosé, Sony, Samsung, etc.

…or make your own custom catalog!

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Product Tour

Global Communication

Design and implementation of the communication plan.


Communicate in real-time using the global company wall-feed. Send mass or personal messages to participants.


Send alerts and email notifications to incentive participants.

Provide transparency and visibility of your active incentives, dates, goals and rewards.

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Gamification and Recognition

Use the innate power of competition to accelerate results


Recognize your employees effectively - everyday


Leaderboards, challenges, badges and rewards


Level System


Peer-to-peer recognition

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“It’s not always about competing to win, but sharing how you won.
– Daniel Debow, Salesforce SVP.

Full Data integration

From disparate sources to One platform

Integration of disparate sources of information:

Spreadsheets, databases, API, etc.

Simple to complex calculations

Design of incentive rules and budget control

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Also runs in Salesforce® CRM

100% integrated in your Salesforce® CRM. ThinkSmart is a hassle-free motivation solution which makes Salesforce® Adoption happen!

Instant databases integration.

ThinkSmart is 100% integrated with your current work process inside Salesforce® CRM...

…so you don’t have to worry about deployment.

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Product Tour
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Real-time Reporting

Calculate incentive results instantly. Remove spreadsheet miscalculation headaches.

Descriptive analytics to track the impacts of your incentive campaigns.

Full visibility & control over points earned and redeemed.


Measure team Performance in real-time - make decisions in real-time.


Track important indicators like who are the top performers, what rewards motivate individuals and who isn’t earning points.

Benchmarking and Baseline Testing made easy!

Hidden Behavior Rules

Learn about your team’s behavior by launching a hidden incentive campaign.

Analyze the performance of your incentive rules behind the scenes to create real benchmarks.

Monitor today’s behaviors to improve tomorrow’s performance.

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