Sometimes it seems like everyone is always yapping about employee engagement. We know that at this point, you are probably sick of hearing about it, but clearly, it is a problem that still needs to be addressed. Whatever has been done so far is viewed as a start…but employee morale and engagement can always be improved.

It takes more than executive presentations to actually impact and improve employee engagement.

Employee Engagement Definition

Before we can offer a solution, it is important to understand what employee engagement is. Employee engagement is not employee satisfaction or happiness. Of course, you do want your employees to feel happy and satisfied in their role, but engagement is more than that.

Our employee engagement definition has to do with how passionate your employees feel about their job and how committed they are to the company. If employees are engaged, they are motivated to actively contribute to the organization’s success. This, in turn, gives them an enhanced sense of their own well-being.

One Solution to Employee Engagement: Automated Motivation Programs

So, you want high employee engagement, but how do you accomplish that?

One answer is to use an automated system to monitor and reward employee behaviors that translate into improved company performance.

Automated systems can help your organization to…

1. Measure objectively.

When people are responsible for monitoring and motivating employees, things can go wrong. No matter how hard they might try to be objective in regards to the program, they are only human. Individuals may favor certain employees and their behaviors over others, resulting in unfair measures. Even more likely, these measurements might be viewed by employees as unfair, even if they are totally objective.

By using an automated system, you can be sure that everyone is measured objectively and that employees feel they are being treated fairly. Studies have shown that a perception of fairness is crucial to the success of any motivation program.

Measuring objectively is the only way to make sure that you are fair to all employees.

2. Maintain consistency.

Maintaining consistency is more than keeping measurements objective and fair. It is important that your program is in place all day, every day, not just when management happens to think about it. Regardless of outside factors, an automated system can always monitor. It doesn’t matter if someone is sick, in a meeting, or just busy doing other things– an automated system can ensure that measurements and rewards continue.

Consistency is one of the most important parts of the program to ensure that long-term behaviors are changed.

Consistency is the key to changing behaviors long term.

3. Scale to your needs.

Whether you want to monitor select individuals, teams, departments, or your entire company, it is important that your motivation system fits the scale of your needs. An automated system has the capacity to handle any group size, big or small. In addition, because an automated system is so easy to implement and change, you can easily start or test your program within one group and then expand once you see measurable success.  

An automated system can handle groups of any size.

4. Target the right employees.

Employee engagement is something that can affect all employees, but it is important to focus your program on the departments that are struggling the most. By monitoring your employees, you will be able to see which groups are having the hardest time with engagement.

It is often the employees who spend their days doing mundane tasks that have the lowest engagement. Consider focusing your initial motivation programs here. Departments like customer service and support call centers can really benefit from utilizing a system like this. By targeting groups with the lowest engagement, you can strategically motivate the right groups and tasks.  

Automated systems make increasing employee engagement possible

Using an automated system to motivate employees can help you begin solving your employee engagement problem. Automated systems are fast to deploy and easy to tweak based on your company’s needs. By using a system instead of an individual to monitor employee behavior, you can be sure that the right employees are measured objectively and consistently. These measured behaviors can be used to determine where employee engagement problems are and help you come up with solutions.   

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