Engagement Partners, a US company that creates engagement strategies through motivation, and Leadclic, the most innovative Spanish partner for salesforce.com, have just become our partners.

In order to continue advancing our goals, we have always wanted to join the most innovative and leading companies in technology and motivation. This month, we are pleased to announce that, in the US, we will have the collaboration of Engagement Partners, a company based in New York and Chicago. In Spain, we will have the pleasure of working with LeadClic, a consulting company specialized in the implementation of Cloud Computing with CRM for Salesforce.

Ira Ozer, president of Engagement Partners and a professional in the world of motivation with over 25 years of experience, says that, although there are other systems on the market, “there is no better option than ThinkSmartOne for customers using Salesforce”.

Recently, his company recommended the use of ThinkSmartOne to one of its fast-growing customers, Clear Choice, a chain of dental clinics specialized in implants. “Our mission is to evaluate incentive, recognition and loyalty programs that involve and motivate people to improve business results,” says the company president regarding this agreement.

Clear Choice’s case was that of a company working in Salesforce and with above average growth. “For this customer, with a sales force managed from an integrated Salesforce CRM platform, the best option for an advanced incentive system was ThinkSmartOne”, says Ira Ozer.

But Engagement Partners is not ThinkSmart’s only new partner; also joining us in Spain is LeadClic, recognized by Salesforce.com as the most innovative partner.

Juanjo Sogues, partner, and Manuel Garcia Gonzalo, founder and CEO, are the leaders of this technological consulting company specialized for 10 years in the implementation and integration of Cloud Computing solutions with Salesforce CRM.

In addition to Cloud Computing solutions, LeadClic has also developed Sales applications with Sales Cloud, Customer Care applications with Service Cloud, Marketing applications with Cloud Marketing, and the development platform in the Force.com cloud. They are also working on other solutions with Chatter and Salesforce Communities.

In total, LeadClic has managed more than 300 successful projects, adapting to different customer needs.