What would be a risky move for some was no more than the next natural step for ThinkSmart. Since it’s start in 1998 it has had a long string of successes.

The opportunity for growth represented by the Alternative Equities Market (MAB) is invaluable for companies like ThinkSmart.

This year, we’ve started off on the right foot by taking fourth place overall in the latest ranking by ratings agency Mabia (IMB). This index is distinguished by the diversity of companies it includes, as each of these belong to different sectors and represent very different opportunities for growth. ThinkSmart has shown itself to be a safe market bet as its score has improved continually from its public listing through the end of 2016.

In contrast to listings on the normal stock exchange which focus on a company’s corporate credit rating; the rating for companies listed on the MAB are determined by factors such as financial efficiency, management team, business model development, market characteristics and transparency. ThinkSmart has demonstrated that it is very stable, has a large capacity for growth and is profitable in the short and long term.