Global Motivation Programs

Automated motivation for your business

Did you know that traditional incentives have become obsolete?

Long-standing incentives have traditionally been planned according to budget availability and salesmanship. This has worked, but only to a certain extent. We live in a time where technology allows us to make better informed decisions.

Now we can design incentives that blend in with different profiles in your sales channel, with diverse locations, seasonality and your product’s life cycle. Essentially, we can now make decisions con una based on science.

With Smart Incentives you will be able to…

  • Optimize the budget you allocate to rewards.
  • Increase sales while spending less.
  • Invest in place, moment and people-specific incentives that will truly generate a return on investment.

ThinkSmart will help you drive your organization’s incentives to a higher level.

Everything changes. Motivation programs do too.

Rewards are an essential part of any motivation program. This is why at ThinkSmart we have shaped the reward offer within our programs to suit the way business is conducted today.

Today’s world is very different from what it was a few years ago: now we can buy any product online, watch shows or movies from any device or request taxi services from a smartphone.

Motivation program users don’t want a limited selection of products anymore; what they want is access to everything by using points the same way they use money. This is why at ThinkSmart we’ve bet on delivering a fully digital reward offering that provides the user with limitless options to enjoy their points.

According to a study we conducted on three incentive programs within different sectors between May and July 2018, 96% of users stopped redeeming their points on physical products and instead redeemed them for gift cards.







Our platform with Artificial Intelligence will allow you
get the most out of your business data.

By combining your data and the data you obtain from our motivation programs, our AI engine based on machine learning will provide you with:

Data dashboards with projections

Sales recommendations for your channel

Recommendations based on geolocation.

Sales scenario predictions


Communicate with your channel as you wish

Behavioral analysis of the platform’s users and how they interact with it will allow you to optimize the communication with your channel. Some users prefer to send emails, others like receiving push notifications on their phones and other prefer accessing the platform through the web. Why, then, should you communicate with each of them in the same way?


Our platform allows you to communicate with your team through their preferred channel:







We take care of everything


Integration of disparate sources, normalization, automatic calculations, incentive rules


Global catalog with 15,000+ rewards in more than 20 categories.



Design and implement a complete online and offline communication plan.

User Support

Dedicated call center support to assist with managing your custom program.

Want to change your team’s behavior?

Contact us! We’ll help you design and launch a motivation plan for your business.