We’ve previously written about Salesforce Adoption including some of our ideas on how to improve situations where uptake is less than ideal.

The response so far has been phenomenal.  We’ve been talking to customers and prospects about how they’re handling Salesforce adoption and it’s clear that this is a huge pain point for many, many companies.  If you’re having adoption problems, you are not alone.

In fact it is such a dominant issue that we’re planning on making Salesforce Adoption our primary discussion point at Dreamforce (booth #248). Come see us and tell us about your struggles and successes.  

As we have been searching for how to solve this problem, we’ve been wondering how many companies are struggling with this problem. While we couldn’t find any statistics, the size of the problem is evident in the number of posts about how to fix the problem.

Here is a handful written by Salesforce itself:

With additional ideas from many other sources:

And it’s not just about Salesforce, it is clear that this is a problem for CRMs generally:


At the end of the day, Salesforce Adoption issues aren’t caused by Salesforce, but in the way your team is using it.

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