Employee engagement is an issue that plagues even the best companies. Here’s a list of 10 great employee engagement strategies to help end this problem for your company once and for all.

1. Motivate engagement with an employee rewards program that actually gives people what they want

Employee reward programs are a great way to increase motivation and engagement, but only if they are rewarding people with things they actually want. Some people prefer cash, while others want some one-on-one time with the boss. Ask your employees what they think would motivate them most. Be sure to take that feedback into consideration along with the budget allocated when picking a program.  

2. Encourage projects for personal development

Allowing employees to have sabbaticals or time off to attend training, even for skills that may not be job specific, improves overall engagement. Employees not only bring these skills back into their work, but the opportunity for learning and creativity can open their mind to new ideas.

3. Show an interest in your employees’ lives

Besides encouraging a strong work-life balance, employees are more engaged if they feel that their manager has an interest in their life outside of work. Simply asking about their family or the hobbies that you know about can go a long way.

4. Have more fun as a team

Taking a few hours out of the workday for a fun activity allows people to engage with people they don’t normally have a chance to interact with. It doesn’t need to be some cheesy bonding activity or introductory name game, but a nice lunch or outdoor sport to get people away from their desks are great ways to start.

5. Celebrate

Between birthdays, team achievements, and personal wins there are plenty of reasons to celebrate. Acknowledging these milestones through verbal shout outs or small tokens of gratitude can help your employees feel valued.

6. Gamify your day

Using games to promote and motivate the behaviors you want from your employees is a great way to get them to engage with the tasks at hand. It works as positive reinforcement while making work fun and encouraging friendly competition.

7. Spruce up the office

If employees feel like they are working in a sterile and uninviting environment, they may associate those feelings with their job, causing them to become unmotivated and unengaged. Consider sprucing up the office that your employees spend so much time in.  Some ideas include: adding color accent walls for excitement, lowering cubical walls to encourage teamwork, or even creating some kind contribution display (i.e.: employee baby pictures) to spark new conversation.

8. Have office hours

Although you may have never attended office hours in college, in the workplace they are a great way to be more approachable. This is particularly important for upper management as their status can make employees feel intimidated. Having this time available is an easy way to encourage them to come in to explore ideas, give feedback, or have a quick chat.

9. Send out an anonymous survey for honest feedback

No matter how open you attempt to be, the fact is some employees are afraid to voice their opinions, especially if their feelings are less than positive. Some employees may be shy and uncomfortable with expressing their thoughts.  Sending out an anonymous survey allows everyone to voice their concerns, give suggestions, and feel like they are contributing without going out on a limb.

10. Encourage face-to-face communication

Sure, instant messaging and email is easy, but getting stuck behind a screen all day can be isolating. Encourage your employees to step away from the computer and walk around the office to get what they need. Engaging with an actual person rather than a screen helps people feel more connected to the company and people they work for. If this seems challenging, consider suspending internal emails or chat for an entire day and see what happens.



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While employee engagement is a problem that can’t be solved overnight, trying some new strategies is a great place to start.

It is important to remember that every company is different, so some solutions may work better than others for your team. It is ok to keep trying and refining new strategies until you find the ones that work best for your team. Looking for even more ideas? We’ve collected over 400 employment engagement ideas from around the web in a separate post.

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