We list and link to over 400 great employee engagement ideas.

Great employee engagement and motivation programs begin with understanding what matters to your employees.

At ThinkSmart, we believe that you need to motivate employee engagement with whatever moves the needle at your organization. There are a lot of ways you can crack this nut.

Some of the best ideas are also the cheapest, most oddball, and/or are truly specific to your unique company culture. Maybe it’s a special mission statement or a reward program that includes lunch with the boss or a special parking space. Perhaps the key element to employee engagement and motivation at your organization is a competition to lead the weekly company sing-a-long.

What’s the best way to increase employee engagement and motivation?

Whatever works for the group of oddballs, misfits, and/or corporate drones that you call your fellow employees.

With that in mind, we offer The Ultimate List to Employee Engagement Ideas including the best employee engagement lists we could find from all over the web. Read through them all and see if you can come up with some great ideas you can use at your own company.

The Ultimate List to Employee Engagement Ideas

  • 49 Employee Engagement Ideas Great stuff by Axero on how to increase employee engagement with ideas from introducing your team members to one another to creating a truly authentic mission statement.
  • 50 Employee Engagement Tips What employee engagement list would be complete without a contribution from the venerable Dale Carnegie Institute?
  • 10 Failproof Employee Engagement Ideas by Good & Co… includes smart thinking like “have your employees teach you something”. After all, you hired them because they know something you don’t, right?

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