Social engineering, the practice of psychologically manipulating people to share confidential information or take unsafe actions. It is commonly used in emails, phone and channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, to guess commonly used security questions and passwords and it is quickly gaining attention due to the widespread coverage of the hacks that recently occurred in Europe.

Long before the recent global ransomware attack revealed vulnerabilities in millions of organizations worldwide, cyber security has been an important issue businesses must contend with. By far, the most common point of failure when it comes to cyber security breaches is employees themselves.

Fighting Social Engineering Attacks with Motivation

Businesses spend thousands of dollars annually training employees how to spot and avoid the many pitfalls of our online lives, but all the training in the world won’t help if you can’t find a way to change the underlying behavior in your employees.

ThinkSmart, a motivation platform allows your employees to earn points and redeem them for a variety or rewards if they follow your cyber security protocols. You can change behaviors to further increase the effectiveness of cyber security training.

For instance, you can set up a reward system that awards points when your employees improve their passwords, or remember to change their passwords on a regular schedule. You can create contests that awards a specific department if they report suspicious activity. You can even set up rules that track your employees as they advance through your cyber security training courses.

ThinkSmart ScoreThinkSmart Score is an entirely new way to measure and improve cybersecurity awareness through proven motivation techniques. Track your employees cyber security knowledge and even track their awareness improvement throughout the training process. Learn more about ThinkSmart Score by watching our short video.

Watch VideoLet’s take a look at some examples of how ThinkSmart can improve the behavior of your employees when it comes to cyber security awareness:







  • Report Phishing:

    Phishing is among the most common methods hackers gain access to secured networks. As part of your cyber security training, you instruct employees to report phishing attempts. Each time an employee reports a phishing email they get a set number of points. The emails can have a different level of difficulty, with the highest level being much harder to identify, and successful identification yields a greater number of points. Gamification is just one way in which ThinkSmart can turn sometimes tedious training exercises into fun and rewarding experience for your employees.

  • Training:

    Motivating employees to sign up and take cyber security training programs seriously rather than as an inconvenience is sometimes difficult. With ThinkSmart you can devise interesting ways to keep employees engaged and interested in the training programs. Each time an employee registers for a training session, you can award points. Once the employee completes the training session, the system can award an additional block of points to be used in any number of ways including as currency to purchase fun trips, products, or lunch coupons.

  • Social Media Security Awareness:

    Social engineering is one of the most difficult blackhat activities to train your employees against. Something as innocuous as filling out one of those random quizzes posted to Facebook could open your network to all sorts of malicious intrusions. With ThinkSmart you can train your employees how to secure their own social media accounts from these types of hacking attempts. When an employee sets up and activates 2 factor identification, verified by the cyber security team, they get points toward gifts and prizes. The entire process can be tracked from within ThinkSmart.

Tracking and internal communication of protocols where ThinkSmart really shines. In every stage of the programs you create, your security directors will know how well each employee is doing as it relates to cyber security. Securing your business against these and other threats isn’t difficult when you have the right tools at your disposal. To find out more about ThinkSmart and how we can change the behaviors that matter to your business, contact us today!