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Transforming how companies use

It's not just about sales

Improve corporate-critical behaviors

Is your company faced with these challenges?





Rewards and Challenges raise team’s productivity and engagement.

  • Be creative with the gallery of motivation ideas.
  • Point system based.
  • Earn Points and redeem them in the same place.
  • Control your costs and time: Do more in less time and with less money.
  • The right motivation tools
  • In one place
  • At a great price

Achieve Goals, Earn Points and Redeem

All within Salesforce®

Most popular motivation programs
in one app

Incentive Rules Gallery

The top motivation programs out of more than 25,000 (Sales, Wellness, Training and more!).

Get the most out of our 15 years of experience.
We take care of the blank slate, you customize the incentives for your people.


All you need to launch a Motivation Program

Motivation Templates

Browse the gallery and learn which incentives are popular with other companies.
Select one and customize for your team!


ThinkSmartOne calculates incentive results instantly, removing miscalculation headaches.
You have full visibility & control.


Shopping cart integrated in Catalog. Check your point balance, add your reward and check out
— all in the rewards catalog.


Change people in real-time. ThinkSmartOne sends Alerts, Emails, Chatter notifications. Even customize your own banners.

One-stop shop Global Reward Catalog

Earn points, choose a reward, add it to the shopping cart.

Gift cards from Amazon, American Airlines, Brookstone, Groupon, Sears, Sephora, Spa Week, and more!

Book your own travel with one of our travel packages. Reloadable Visa cards.
Donate to over 2 million charities through JustGive.

Incentives 2.0

  • A new way to run incentives. Accessible to any size business.
    You’re in the driver’s seat with real-time results.
  • Download for free this new paper to discover how to build a strong and effective Incentive Program for your team.
  • Speed is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. There’s one more trait that all of these services enable – you create the content.
  • There is no single person who knows your business like you do.  You need the tools to launch your own incentive program in real-time.
Incentives 2.0 whitepaper
Incentives 2.0 whitepaper
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Motivation Programs Launched
150 K
People Motivated
$ 100 M
In Rewards

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ThinkSmartOne is an app to motivate your team with incentives, using traditional incentive rules and gamification techniques. Accelerate Sales, Improve health, Increase knowledge, build loyalty and manage your reward budget, all from one place.

Accelerate Sales, Improve health, Increase knowledge, build loyalty and manage your reward budget, all from one place.

  • Launch your incentive program in 9 minutes!

  • Your incentive and loyalty program one-stop-shop: Incentive compensation, rewards fulfillment, gamification, full reporting.

  • Motivate your team’s health with Wellness programs (steps tracking, calories, etc).

ThinkSmartOne for Salesforce makes it easy to launch and track incentive programs for anyone using Salesforce.

* Personalize incentive programs based on the roles you’ve already created in Salesforce.
* Set targets, create rules and manage your budget in the fully integrated app using plain, non-technical language.
* Motivate employees and partners using Sales Cloud or Communities.
* Personalize incentive, loyalty, gamification and compensation programs based on the roles you’ve already created in Salesforce.
* Share information through Chatter, banners, alerts and email messages.
* Built-in Catalog: Participants around the world can redeem points for rewards specific to their country. Rewards include merchandise, charitable donations, gift cards, experiences, prepaid reloadable Visa cards and travel packages.
* Powerful reporting and analytics by incentives, campaigns, budget units.

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